Imcofe 2019 Antalya Congress

Various academics from various countries such as Azerbaijan ,Turkey and Iraq showed great interest. Apart from these, participants from Japan, Kazakhstan and Kosovo countries attended the congress. Proceedings and abstract books of the congress were published on the congress website.

The theme of the congress to be held in 2020 and the processes of the congress were discussed in groups. Turkey, Azerbaijan, Iraq and other countries have conducted discussions in the group consisting of, in accordance with the opinion of academics, the following decisions were taken for 2020.

1- The main theme of the 2020 congress has been determined as ecology.

2- It was decided to hold special sessions under the topics of climate change and migration.

3- Migration to the most exposed countries (Jordan, Turkey, Italy, and Spain) will be contacted by representatives. Studies on country policies will be provided to take place in the congress.

4- A special session will be held on migrating animals and their routes, climate change affecting them.

5- It was decided that the presentation slide should be in English, regardless of the language of the academic paper. 6- It was decided that YSU should act as an intermediary in order for academicians working in similar fields in different countries to work together.